Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sushi Secrets

If you are in the mood for a great place to sit back, catch a football game or have a girls night then Tsunami is sure to strike your fancy. Tsunami is one of Greenville's most popular seafood and sushi restaurants, located in the heart of downtown. Not only is the food delicious and reasonably priced, the atmosphere is fun and always lively.

I had never tried sushi before but love any kind of oriental food experience. I started off by ordering an appetizer of the edamame, and it was perfectly salty but still tasted fresh and healthy. After looking over the sushi menu, that included everything from crab cake, tempura chicken, BBQ eel and the classic California roll, I settled on the "Crunch" roll. Tempura shrimp and spicy sauce made for a heavenly combination. Tsunami doesn't leave anything to the imagination, making their sushi chefs the focal point of the restaurant and allowing guest to sit front row for a full view of how they prepare and make every roll.

Spoons and forks must be requested, so make sure you brush up on your chopstick etiquette before visiting. Daily drink and sushi specials also help make Tsunami affordable and cater to a wide array of guests. Make sure you check out my restaurant ratings to see how Tsunami ranks!

Happy Eating! 


  1. I am always trying to find somewhere new to eat in downtown Greenville. When I am over there again I will have to try and give this place a shot.

  2. Great! I hope you enjoy it. It's one of my new favorite places!

  3. what an awesome review! i'll be sure to try it next time im in the area.

  4. Thank you! Let me know what you think!