Thursday, October 17, 2013

Malaysian Invasion

                         Would you like to try a new and different Asian dining experience? 
Yap! is an exciting new take on the traditional sweet and sour chicken and egg roll options.
 Stationed right in the middle of Downtown Greenville, this new Malaysian American restaurant offers a variety of options from garlic ginger trout to miso chicken soba.

 They offer a dual menu with one portion consisting of American dishes with steak and seafood options, and a southeast Asian side consisting of different rice and noodle options.
 Be forewarned though, Yap! is not for the faint of heart. True to authentic Malaysian dishes, nothing is made without a spicy little kick to it. Prepare to have your taste buds sizzling satisfaction!


I can't rave enough about the wonderful service. Our waitress was super attentive, answering all our curious questions-and yes, there were a lot :).
I ordered the Malay sweet and sour chicken, and was pleasantly surprised. See, I'm not a huge fan of white rice, but their white rice is cooked in coconut milk and it's so yummy!
We also ordered the shepherd's egg rolls, an appetizer filled with lamb, potatoes, veggies, and served with a hot, spicy mustard sauce. It was so different and so good! The atmosphere was super laid back and pleasantly quiet. I would suggest this as a great option for a cozy date night!


 Be sure to give Yap! a shot and check out my restaurant ratings to see how it ranks!

Happy Eating!

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