Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gritty Goodness

Ready for some of your classic favorites with a twist?
Nose Dive is a gastropub that has taken some seasoned favorites, and put their own special spin on them to bring dishes you won't soon forget.
From "Angry Drunken Mussels" to the popular "Bangers and Mash," Nose Dive has an ecletic variety of choices to tease your taste buds. One particular item on the menu to cause interest and curiosity is the "Dark Chocolate Candied Bacon Brownie." I have yet to investigate this, but I look forward to the day.
What I did go to Nose Dive for hit a little closer to home, but was still blissfully delicious. I discovered that on Saturdays from 10am-2pm and Sundays from 10am-4pm, Nose Dive has a brunch menu that includes an Adluh Mills Grits Bar.
Does it get any more Southern than that?
You can choose the grits bar as a meal or side item. I did it as a meal, and layered it with cheese, bacon, and a specialty gravy. I also chose the option of adding shrimp for an additional charge. (well worth it, I might add). The grits were definitely homemade and perfection.
With its perfect location seconds away from the beautiful Poinsett Hotel, it is a great atmosphere to soak in the beauty of downtown Greenville. They have a spacious, open setting with tables placed in front of giant glass windows facing mainstreet. This made it very enjoyable for people watching on a Sunday afternoon.
This is a neat little place with interesting and creative options, and I look forward to exploring it again. Join me in my journey, and let me know your feelings about Nose Dive!
Happy Eating!

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