Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mexican Mission

Are you a taco enthusiast?
Be it soft or hard shell, beef or chicken, tacos are your go to.
Then you should probably check out the Local Taco.
I have to be honest, Local Taco, located right off of Augusta Road, does not rank as one of my favorites, but it does have some good qualities.
For one, the atmosphere is really enjoyable. They have the most beautiful outdoor patio with umbrellas and string lights that would be the perfect setting for any kind of party.

The service was also exceptional. Our waiter was super attentive and friendly. He made sure we had everything we needed.
For food, I must admit that I am not a huge taco fan so I have very high standards for a good taco.
I had the two taco option with one buffalo chicken and one spicy shrimp taco. My side was Mexican tater tots and rice. I really liked the buffalo chicken, and we ordered the queso dip that was excellent.

It was not my favorite, but I am a big believer in second chances. Also, sometimes we all have an off night of ordering. I believe that the Local Taco has better options that I will give a shot next time.

I would really like to know your opinion. Do you agree with me or do you love it?
Check it out and let me know!
I would love to get your feedback.

As Always,
Happy Eating! 

1 comment:

  1. Wow. taco is one of my favorite food. If i have a chance togo Greenvile, i will go here. It looks delicious:)